Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Do You Know About Australian Visa Types And Their Benefits

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The purpose of Australian business visa is for a variety of business related activities such as attending a conference, business meetings and several other purposes. Those who like to travel to Australia for a short duration for business related reasons that do not require labor work or receiving payment from an Australian source can apply for a business visa. In case of business visa you should plan your travel well in advance and you should not purchase air tickets until you have received your visa. No matter how strong the case is, you should not automatically assume that you will get the Australian visa.

There are three types of Australian business visa:

Business innovation and investment stream -188
Business innovation and investment visa-888
Business talent visa-132

If you are looking to buy or start a business in Australia and have at least two years experience in running a business, or you would like to invest a substantial amount in purchasing a business, then the route for you is Business Investment.

The Business Skills Program is divided into four categories:

Business owner - for owners or part-owners of a business
Senior executive - for senior executive employees of major businesses
Investor - for investors/business people willing to invest in Australia
Business talent - for high-caliber business people who have sponsorship from a State/Territory government

The Business Innovation and Investment visa- 888 is the second stage of the Business Innovation and Investment visa subclass-188 of Australian business visa. You can apply for it, once you have fulfilled the requirements of your provisional visa. This visa allows you to manage and own a business in Australia (the Business Innovation stream) and continue business and investment activity in Australia (the Investor stream and the Significant Investor stream). You will stand eligible to get this visa if you are nominated by a state or territory holding a provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 188) and have met all the requirements of that visa in the stream in which you first applied. You also can avail this visa if you are holding a special category visa and you fulfilled the requirements of the business innovation stream.

The Business Talent visa-132 category of Australian business visa is a permanent residence visa for people who are nominated by an Australian state or territory government agencies. This type of Australian business visa allows you to establish a new or develop an existing business in the country. It has two streams:

Significant Business History stream: It is for high-profile business owners or part-owners who want to do business in Australia.

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